Wolfsong Adventures in Mushing

Wolfsong Adventures in Mushing

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About Us

Wolfsong Adventures in Mushing is a LGBT owned and operated dogsledding adventure company. We offer hands on dogsledding trips in Northern Wisconsin along the South Shore of Lake Superior. Our kennel is comprised of 42 Seppala Siberian Huskies which are direct descendants of Togo and Balto who helped deliver the life saving serum to the children of Nome during the outbreak of Diptheria in 1925. Our trips main focus is on the dogs. Each participant begins the trip by meeting each dog and learning about them. Then those that wish to drive their own sled (most do but we have space for those that would rather ride comfortably in a sled with a guide driving) are given thorough instruction. After which we all learn to harness the dogs and hook them up to the teams. Once everyone and every dog is ready we head out on some of the most beautiful trails in Northern Wisconsin...sometimes getting views of Lake Superior. Most of our trails travel through the deep northern forests and have varied terrain. It's exciting and yet at the same time very peaceful. Come see our sleddogs do what they love and have a trip of a lifetime!

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