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The Spanish Mustang Preserve is dedicated in saving the last of the true Spanish Mustangs.

The Spanish Mustang helped shape the USA as we know it. Descended of the Horse of the Conquistadors, Pony Express, Indian Buffalo Hunters and War Ponies, to Wild Horse of the West, this breed has a rich and illustrious history that forms an important part of our American Heritage.

Spanish Mustangs are supremely intelligent, intuitive, and caring horses. They bond tightly with their person, and result in a partner for life. As a breed, these horses are well-rounded in the disciplines put before them. They successfully work and compete in dressage, jumping, eventing, endurance, ranch and cow work, as well as pleasure trail riding. The Spanish Mustang is not to be confused with the BLM mustang.

Our preservation efforts includes maintenance of the genetic viability of these exceedingly rare horses. Each breeding that takes place on the Preserve is a dedicated effort in long-term responsibility for each resulting foal. As well, breeding pairs are carefully selected based on true Spanish type and a study of each horse's pedigree.

The Spanish Mustang Preserve is committed to the longevity of this breed and relies on generous donations to continue the efforts of Historic and Spanish Mustang preservation.


6th month old Petey on a warm summer day
Bendano one of the ranches beautiful stallons
Family picture with Grey Eagle, Petey and Mexi
Moon Maiden is giving a ranch visitor a personal welcome
Queenie and Wonderlee on a winters day
Sunset on October's Red
Something smells funny
Mares on a crisp winter landscape
Serena is always first in line for a task
Snow Fox, Dusty and Jack, our ranch gents