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About Us

Dr. Fissinger retired in 2009 and traveled in his motor home for a year, ending up in Bayfield. Within a short time he was working again...and having fun. Eliminating insurance companies, credit card fees, a large staff and an expensive setting allows Dr. Fissinger to ''fix'' healthcare: by making it about the patient and not about the expense of providing high quality care.

Children have been a cornerstone of Fissinger Chiropractic and are always welcome. Nutritional conditions, sports injuries and holistic health problems are also parts of Dr. Fissinger's clinical focus.

If you have a Chiropractic Doctor ''back home'' and are worried about a big first visit hoopla... don't be. Your relationship with your home Doctor will be respected and only what needs to be done, will be. Nobody has to sign up or watch a video. Your wishes will be respected. Dr. Fissinger provides affordable healthcare, made easy!

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