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Eckels Pottery and Fine Craft Gallery

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Your first stop on the south side of Bayfield is Eckels Pottery. Turn in to relax in the gardens with a view of Madeline Island and watch the artists making pottery. Wander through a gallery of pottery, paintings, sculpture, jewelry and garden art. From earthy stoneware to fine porcelain, you will find, one-of-a-kind, soulful, playful, hand-crafted pottery, made here in our studio since 1960. Local,regional wisconsin artists and nationally-recognized jewelers and artists are represented.

''More than a pottery, it's an experience.'' -customer. Begun by a potter, painter, sculpture -Deanna continues the family tradition.

There is ample parking, gardens and relaxing sitting and picnic areas where nature can be enjoyed.


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Eckels Pottery gallery assistant
Category: Arts & Entertainment
Job starts early May runs through October full time.  Changes to part time through Christmas. Must have retail experience, computer skills, positive attitude. A variety of responsibilities :  customer care, shipping and inventory experience. Data base and web site uploading skills. Cleaning gallery and gardens.  Have to be available weekends and holidays. Cheerful, and willingness to work as a ...read more
Contact: Dede
Phone:(715) 779-5617