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Bayfield Wireless is northern Wisconsin’s newest high-speed Internet service provider, with a mission to expand connections to under-served and remote areas of the region.

We are hard at work equipping the towers and powering up the fiber optic network to provide initial phases of service to the Town of Bayfield, the Town of Russell, Red Cliff Tribal Lands, and the Town of Bayview. Complete coverage of services across the islands of the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore will also be supported in future phases.

Bayfield Wireless delivers high-speed wireless Internet services to a fixed location, like your home or business, using radio frequencies delivered from the tower right to your front door. Unlike satellite Internet, you won’t experience interruptions to service when a cloud rolls by. Our state of the art network “magically” delivers some of the fastest services in the region so you can still live remotely and have instant access to the world.

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