Apple Hill Orchard


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About Us

Spring is here and the Orchard is coming to life. We were blessed with a moderate winter,and the trees are looking good. Cherry buds are green and getting ready to blossom. Temperatures are critical for the cherry crop at this point-anything below 28 degrees will damage the vulnerable buds and blossoms. We are thinking positively and anticipating a great crop of delicious sweet cherries. Usual harvest begins about the 4th of July and continues through the first week in August,but please check back or call for picking availability!


  • Sweet Cherries in July! Apples, Pears, Plums in September
  • Pick-Your-Own and Ready-Picked Available
  • Children and Pets welcome in the Orchard
  • World Famous Caramel Apples
  • Award-Winning Apple Pies


Cherry blossoms
Honey Bees at work
Orchard in Bloom