Art Gallery Sales

Posted: 06/02/2019

I am looking for someone to rotate into my 3 person gallery sales team. Someone who enjoys working primarily solo, alternating with others in a clean, quiet, calm workplace. 

You would be responsible for sales, customer service, taking phone orders, general tidying up, and the smooth functioning of the gallery during your shift while I, the gallery owner, am creating art in my adjacent studio. There might also be opportunities for you to create wall vase displays and creatively stock the gallery shelves. You will learn about art made from metal (indoor/outdoor sculpture, jewelry, etc.) and provide helpful information to customers.

Your work shift would be 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. A Friday, Saturday shift begins immediately. A Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday shift is needed in July, August, and early September. Work shifts become less frequent in later September and early October. There is usually some shift schedule flexibility between the gallery team.