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For a great fishing vacation, Lake Superior is tops

Fishing Northern Wisconsin on Lake Superior offers breathtaking beauty, as well as amazing fishing opportunities. If you choose to use Lake Superior charter fishing options or choose to fish on your own, fishing all seasons including ice fishing in the wintertime is a treat for the true fisherman or fisherwoman. While fishing in one of the Great Lakes, sit back, watch your fishing line and enjoy the rocking of the waves while you and your fishing party troll for Lake Trout, Brown Trout, Splakes or even Steelhead and Salmon. There is nothing quite like the excitement of reeling in your first big fish from Lake Superior.

When you arrive to fish Lake Superior, if you have a charter fishing guide, they will share their secrets as to the best Lake Superior fishing spots, so you’ll be able to catch a variety of freshwater fish such as lake trout, salmon and others. For the more dedicated anglers there are overnight fishing adventure spots such as an overnight at the Rocky Island fishing settlement where you can appreciate the history and beauty that abounds in the Apostle Islands.

At the end of the day, if you have decided to catch and release or didn’t quite catch enough, you can always savor Bayfield fish by dropping by one of Bayfield’s family fisheries featuring Bodin’s Fisheries or Peterson’s Foods and Smokeshop.

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