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Dog Sledding

Want adventure travel? Include Wisconsin dog sledding in your winter vacation

The sounds of the dogs barking and their feet crushing through the snow are certain to energize the true adventurer in Bayfield. Riding a dog sled over the hills surrounding Bayfield is something few people think about when they think of this beautiful area. Whether you want to run your own team or simply ride in the sled while someone else does all the work, mushing is an experience not to be missed.

Bayfield is proud to be home to a very unique dog sledding adventurer. Wolfsong Adventures in Mushing is able to provide you with a trip full of excitement. Visitors are able to participate in both 1/2 day and full day adventures along with multi-day winter camping trips.

You’ll want to return to Bayfield in the beginning of February every year to help out while enjoying the annual Apostle Islands Sled Dog Races. These races – covering two days – attract over 70 sled dog teams which thrill the spectators as they race through the snowy mushing trails in Bayfield County. Bayfield also offers a voluntourism package which includes event activities, meals and lodging for two or three days. Volunteering at the Apostle Islands Sled Dog Races is an adventure of a lifetime!

We update a weekly report on current conditions for all our winter activities. Please check the Winter Recreation Report for the most current conditions.

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Dog Sledding

Wolfsong Adventures in Mushing
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