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Blueberry Harvest Crew

Highland Valley Farm
Job Description
typically late July through mid-September
30-40hrs/week, Monday-Friday, beginning at 8am

• Hand harvest of blueberries (possible hand-harvest of raspberries and currants)
• Sorting, grading, & packing blueberries on semi-automated packing line
• May also include some machine harvest of blueberries and currants, helping with pick-your-own, and other field work

Qualifications (Age, Citizenship, Education, Skills, etc.)
• At least16 years old. 
• United States citizen or Green Card.
• Good moral character, honest, & dependable.
• Clean & neat appearance. 
• Physically capable, mobile, and in good health.
• Punctual, self motivated and able to work productively. 
• Ability to take direction.

• Starting pay-rate is $0.50 per pound for hand harvest blueberry picking. This piece rate will yield $7.50- 9.50 per hour for an average productive worker. Highly motivated workers have earned more than $15.00 per hour.
• $9.00 per hour starting for work other than hand-harvest, such as sorting and packing.  
*If season extends past labor day pay-rate will go up to $0.70/pound and $10/hour until harvest ends.
• Flexible schedule. (Mornings and/or Monday-Wednesday availability required for part-time employees.)
• Worker compensation insurance coverage provided for job related injury.

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